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    Yoga Carrier / Stretching Strap Bowie

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    Introducing our versatile and stylish 60" x 2" Yoga Mat Straps – the perfect companion for your yoga practice! Crafted with the utmost care, these straps are designed to enhance your yoga experience with convenience and functionality.

    Features & Specs:

    1. Dimensions:

    • Measures 60" x 2" for the ideal length and width, providing ample room for a secure grip.

    2. Premium Material:

    • Crafted from 100% Cotton, these straps ensure a soft, comfortable feel against your skin during your yoga sessions.

    3. Durable Metal Buckles:

    • Equipped with sturdy metal buckles, our straps are built to last. Experience reliability and longevity with every use.

    4. Multi-functional Design:

    • Not just a strap! Our innovative design allows these straps to double as a mat carrier, effortlessly allowing you to transport your yoga mat with ease.

    5. Stretching Strap:

    • Elevate your stretching routine! Use these straps to enhance your flexibility and deepen your stretches for a more fulfilling yoga practice.

    6. Easy to Use:

    • The user-friendly design ensures quick and hassle-free application. Simply adjust the straps to your desired length and secure them in place for a customized experience.

    7. Stylish and Portable:

    • Whether you're heading to the studio or practicing at home, our yoga mat straps add a touch of style to your gear. Their compact design makes them easy to carry, ensuring you're always ready for your next session.

    Upgrade your yoga practice with the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and style. Invest in our 60" x 2" Yoga Mat Straps today and elevate every aspect of your yoga journey.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Davion Gottlieb

    Exactly what I’m looking for ,sturdy, great colors

    Twila Schmitt

    The quality of these straps is unmatched. The 100% cotton feels soft against the skin.

    Ramiro Gerlach

    Great quality. the versatility of doubling them as a mat carrier or stretching strap is a game-changer.

    Ashley O'Conner

    Great loved

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